organAllen Organ

Featuring the unique realism of Acoustic Portrait™ and the unparalleled flexibility of Stoplist Library™, Quantum™ Organs redefine the state-of-the-art and will take your organ performance to a new level.

World-renown Allen sampling is the foundation of Quantum sound, assuring faithful sound reproduction that includes the fleeting but essential characteristics  occurring in the first and last milliseconds of a pipe’s speech. Allen samples also recreate the natural random pipe fluctuations of sustained sounds without  the artificial “looping” heard in other sampling systems. And, with the world’s most extensive digital library of pipe organ sounds, Allen provides choices to  satisfy every taste and need.

Allen invented the digital organ format that most closely exact realistic pipe organ sounds, through Renaissance Quantum™ digital voicing, with the capacity to retain even the most subtle nuances of a true pipe organ.

First United Methodist Church of Gilbert incorporates into traditional worship services its beautiful Allen digital three manual instrument, manufactured by Allen Organ Company, in Macungie , Pennsylvania.  Please come and enjoy the beautiful sounds that touches your heart and soul as you listen to Sue Hunter, our organist performs.