Our Nursery  – Caring For God’s Precious Gifts

The First United Methodist Church of Gilbert welcomes you and your children to our Nursery Ministries. We continually strive to provide a safe and loving Christian environment for the youngest members of our church Family. We would encourage you to participate in the multitude of worship and Christian education opportunities here at our church while your child is in our care. Your child is very important to us and we want his/her time with us to be enjoyable and rewarding. We encourage you to read through this information so that you will be comfortable in knowing what you child is doing during their time with us.

“You shall teach these words to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house; when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.” Deuteronomy 11:19



  • Sunday mornings:  The 9:00 service times are for infants and toddlers, 6 weeks – 3 years of age. Children 6 years and younger are welcome during the 10:30 service. During the time your child is in the nursery they will be introduced to the Orange Curriculum that is used at all age levels here at First United Methodist Church of Gilbert. Any committees or other groups that would like to use our services on Sundays are welcome to with a minimum of a 2 week notice.
  •  Tuesday mornings:  Year-round, 9:00 – 11:00, for the Women’s Bible Study Group.  Preschool volunteers are welcome to bring younger children for care during that time as well. There is no age restriction or charge for use of the nursery at this time.
  • Wednesday nights:  For all Wednesday night activities, including Bell Choir, Chancel Choir rehearsals,  Support Group for Parents of Children with Special Needs, Bible Studies, Classes. Ages 6 week to 3 years old.  All other ages have programs ongoing to meet their needs.
  • On Campus Meetings: Any on campus committees that would like to use our services are welcome to schedule the nursery with a minimum of a 2-week notice to get the nursery staffed.



Here at First United Methodist Church of Gilbert, our Nursery consists of two rooms. The Infants room is for newborn through 2 years of age. All equipment, toys and visual materials in this room are designed with these children in mind. A changing table is available and is cleaned after each use. The Toddler room is for our 2-3 year olds. There are age-appropriate toys and other manipulatives in this room. This room has a private rest room and access to a sanitary changing table. Please notify our nursery workers if you are potty training your child. Children are moved from the infant room to the Toddler room when they celebrate their 2nd birthday.

First Time Visitors

The first time your child is placed into the nursery, you will be asked to fill out an information card to give the nursery workers some background information on your child which will aid them in ministering to him or her. This information card will be kept on file in the nursery for future reference.


Our Nursery program is a wonderful way to introduce and prepare your child for Sunday School. We use the Orange Curriculum available to us and incorporate it into the time we have with your child. This is an age appropriate curriculum with a weekly Bible-based story and fun, easy projects. We will also be singing bible songs, arts projects, coloring, reading Bible Stories along with structured play time and snack.



The workers in the nursery and toddler room have all been handpicked by staff of the church. The Nursery Coordinator is Kim Fairley. The adults & youth are all members of our church and have been trained in the Nursery Policies and Procedures along with being current on their CPR and First Aid Training.


Childcare is provided in our nurseries beginning 15 minutes prior to Sunday Church Service and other scheduled events that have scheduled childcare. We ask that you show your love for your child by promptly checking him/her up immediately after the close of service/meeting.

  • To ensure the safety of your child, we ask that children should be brought to the nursery and signed in and out by you, the parent/guardian.
  • To enhance the safety and welfare of the children, we request that you wait at the counter and allow us to bring your child to you.
  • Please have your child’s belongings properly labeled: 


What to bring

Please label all items

  • Infant items as needed by your child: Diaper bags, bottles, pacifiers, drinking cups, blankets.
  • A change of clothes in case of spills or soils is greatly appreciated.
  • Please do not bring in toys from home. The nursery has plenty of toys for all ages.


Food Allergies

If your child has any food allergies this should be noted on both the nursery registration card and the sign in sheet each time your child is brought to the nursery.

Snack Policies

The church provides snacks for these rooms. Snacks provided are healthy and age-level appropriate. Please let the nursery worker know if your child should NOT have snacks.

  • Infants will be fed formula/milk/juice or water as provided by the parent. All bottles should be pre-mixed/measured out. Instructions should be conveyed by the parent upon sign-in.
  • Toddlers will be served a snack consisting of water and age appropriate snack.



We are concerned for the safety and health of every child and we do our very best to provide a clean and germ-free environment for all children. If your child has been exposed to an illness, please use your judgment in determining whether your child’s illness can be contagious to other children. If you have questions on whether or not you should bring your child into the nursery, please contact the nursery coordinator.

Classroom Management

Our discipline policy focuses on teaching the children how God wants us to behave towards others and how to treat God’s world.

  • Toddlers will be taught and encouraged to use appropriate behavior in our safe, loving environment. Some ways in which we will do this will be: Focus on God’s rules for us; giving clear directions; encourage expressing emotions appropriately by labeling them, discussing ways to show them, feel empathy; include active activities, keep toddlers interested, switching between focused time to down time.
  • Most inappropriate behavior can be redirected through a simple change in activities. In the very rare instances where a child’s behavior may be harmful to others, a sit out/discuss and pray/try again approach will be used, parents will be informed.
  • Every attempt will be made to soothe a crying infant/child. In the event they cry inconsolably, the parents will be notified.


But Jesus called for them, saying “Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. ~Luke 18:16

For any questions, please email the Nursery Coordinator Kim Fairley, call or email the church office (480-892-9166)