Alpha Class

This is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life in a relaxed setting. The 10 week course introduces Jesus and his way of life, answering questions like these: Who is Jesus? How does God guide us? Why does God allow suffering? No question is too simple or hostile. Non-denominational. Atheists and agnostics are welcomed. This course starts roughly every 10-11 weeks.

For any questions, please call or email the church office (480-892-9166)
or use the following registration form:

Adult Ministries Registration Form
For virtual classes, we will start the zoom meeting right at 6:30 pm and give everyone about 5- 10 minutes to join and fellowship as a large group and then we will break out into the small groups listed below for either bible study or informal discussions. Fill out the form below and we will send you information on how to join the zoom meeting. More details for in person classes to come!