Today is a day for testimony. We need to remind ourselves and one another that we have indeed been set free. Notice all the past tense, completed action in both the epistle and in the psalm. “You were ransomed” and “you have come to trust in God” and “you have been purified” and “you have loosed my bonds.” All of this talks about what has already happened; and a part of what we do when we come together to worship is to celebrate this freedom, to give thanks for this blessing, and to live out this purification by living in love together. The future tense of the psalm is all about response. You have loosed my bonds; therefore, I will lift the cup of salvation; therefore I will pay my vows to God. Peter tells us that since we were ransomed, we will set our faith and hope in God. Because we have been purified by grace, we can love one another. We remember and we respond. That’s worship today.