The epistle text for this week lends itself to being paraphrased into a creedal statement or affirmation of faith for the whole congregation to recite together. There is a proclamation quality to these words and to this day. But the mood of worship is one of celebration and joy. Yes, we are tired, and we don’t have the holiday spirit enervating everyone. But still, we celebrate. Still, we sing praise because the shocking hope of Easter becomes the living hope of week-by-week worship and work. So, while we celebrate with the same enthusiasm and passion as we did on Easter, we are also beginning to teach how we live that joy. We are beginning to explore the implications of being disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world that doesn’t really want transformation. This is why we get to practice living out of this hope in this community so that we can then be the proclaimers to the rest of the world.