June 20-27

Hooray! We get to host families again at FUMCG!!!!! We will need a lot of help to ensure that these dear families are taken care of, so please help in any and all ways that you can. We will need people to help get our rooms ready before they arrive, and to clean up the rooms after they leave and set them back up for Sunday School. We will need overnight hosts and kitchen serving and clean up crews. We will need dinners for every night as well as breakfast and lunch items that will go with the families to the Day Center. As you can see, we need ALOT of help, so please consider where you can help.

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***IMPORTANT NOTE**** If you are bringing lunch or breakfast items, they may be dropped off earlier, but they MUST be dropped off by Sunday so they can go to the Day Center on the van early on Monday morning. Also, Family Promise can ONLY accept food items and quantities on the list. They have very limited storage at the Day Center.

About Family Promise

Did you know that Family Promise of Greater Phoenix rescued 396 children and adults from homelessness in 2019? 12,203 shelter nights were provided through the 54 congregations who allowed families to sleep safe and warm. 4,800 volunteers provided warm meals, clean sheets and blankets, and loving hospitality. Most exciting, 89% of parents were employed during their stay with Family Promise resulting in an average of 43 number of days spent with Family Promise before returning to sustainable housing.

As a partner congregation, FUMC of Gilbert helps to host up to 4 families a few times each year. We need volunteers to set up and breakdown sleeping rooms, provide food for dinners, serve as overnight hosts and do laundry. To find out how you can help, stop by the Missions table on the patio between services. Please consider joining us to give these families the hand-up that they need to get back to self-sufficiency.

We need additional volunteers to join this labor of love, especially as overnight hosts. Give it a try! Hosts get a good night’s sleep on a comfy air bed!

To find out how you can help, stop by the Missions table between services, or email DyAnn O’Brien.

In Operation since 2000, Family Promise – Greater Phoenix has provided more than just shelter for families.  For the past 13 years, the programs at Family Promise have helped over 500 families.  These programs have enabled families to move from homelessness to  self-sufficiency.

The mission of Family Promise of Greater Phoenix is to reduce homelessness in greater Phoenix by helping homeless families attain self-sufficiency.

At Family Promise, we give families the tools and training to care for their children, find employment and housing, and become independent and successful. We strive to provide a safety net for children and their families before they drop into a cycle of endless shelters, loss of school attendance, unemployment, family instability and foster care.

Family Promise provides basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter, but we also provide a safe, encouraging, and constructive environment for families that feel lost and scared. Family Promise’s long-term goal is to break the cycle of homelessness and create a sense of community for the families that participate in the program, and the thousands of volunteers that have contributed to this program over the years.

Family Promise is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization,  independently affiliated with a national organization founded in 1986 and comprised of 182 affiliates in 41 states (www.familypromise.org).  Family Promise operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and only serves families with children. More than 60% of our clients are children.

How Can You Get Involved:

  •  Watch the church calendar to see when the next time the church will be hosting a family.  We typically host 3-4 times a year
  • Watch the bulletin for inserts that will share with you what is needed for the week.  Typically we will need
    • Dinner for each night
    • Evening activities
    • Folks to spend the night with the families
    • Set up and take down of air mattresses
    • Specific food items for the family to take with them during the day
    • Laundry to be done once the week is completed
  • There is something for EVERYONE!!

For any questions, please email the Missions Team or contact the church office: 480-250-6172 or secretary@gilbertumc.org