How do we deal with conflict in the church? Certainly not by pointing fingers and calling folks out. Quarreling and testing are common human experiences; we in the church do not claim freedom from that. The parable from Matthew asks us to pay attention to whether our words match our deeds. Do we live out the faith that we profess? Do we approach even those with whom we disagree with grace and love? There are many ways we can signal our intention to walk in the light we see, even as we seek more light. But also hear the forgiveness that is offered and accept the assurance that we are indeed surrounded by God’s grace for the long haul. We sing of our mission, of the promise to move out into the world living out the hope that is within us. The benediction is a sending into mission, an encouragement to live out our faith in the world of our everyday living. This is how we endure for the long haul.