Knowing God and making a declaration of faith is an important part of the journey of faith. But then what usually follows an encounter with God is an acute and often painful awareness of self. Our awareness of self is an important element of the journey. But like our understanding of who God is, our understanding of ourselves changes and grows with time.

Confession is an appropriate response for those who are entering into a relationship with God.  Our experience of unworthiness is often a starting point in our discipleship. But it must be the final experience of unworthiness. As we grow closer to God, we begin to see ourselves as worthy because we are made worthy by God’s love and transforming grace. We see the delight God takes in us as a part of God’s creation, blessed in so many ways. Who are we to shoulder the burdens of the world? Especially when we get it wrong more often than right, it seems. We remember that we are just beginning, again or for the first time. We recommit ourselves to the call to become disciples.