What are we supposed to be ready to do? Tell our story! How do we get prepared to tell our story? Testimony is a long-standing tradition in the life of the church. We need to hear from one another so that we can become more comfortable speaking to others. We may think our story isn’t dramatic enough for a testimony, or that we aren’t always confident in the motivations or reasons for why we do what we do. The drama of daily living is enough, and confidence grows as we practice and examine our stories well enough to tell. Eastertide is for reflecting on the impact of the Risen Christ on our lives day by day. What does this good news mean for us in how we live, what we choose, and what we value? We might begin with what has happened to us, what struggles we have faced, or what journeys we have taken. Then we speak of our encounter with the Risen Christ or the presence of the Spirit, and then we follow with the decisions we made because of this encounter. Always be ready.