Our texts this week are about being chosen by God. Most of us don’t think that we were chosen, certainly not to be king like David. But surely, we chose the jobs that we do and the hobbies that we pursue and the service that we perform, didn’t we? Well, yes. But God chose too. And not just in the past tense, God is still choosing. God calls us to all sorts of tasks and opportunities. But too often we think of being chosen by God as something for other people, for special ones like saints or clergy or mission workers or something. A vocation is a calling in the purest sense of the word. Perhaps your vocation is the job that you do to make a living. That sometimes happens. Often, however, folks have a job to make money and support their family, but their calling is something else. Maybe some volunteer work in the community or the church. Maybe something done behind the scenes, writing or mentoring, visiting the sick or caring for the church facility. What is your calling?