Our worship is focused on Christ this week. We sing praise to him; we pray in awe of him; we pledge to follow him because of who he has revealed himself to be. In short, we lift up the name of Christ as we worship this week, loudly and publicly. We proclaim to the world who he is. On the other hand, these are our temptations that he bore for us, as he bore our sins “even unto death,” then we bow in confession and in hope. We give thanks; we ask for grace and forgiveness; and, most of all, we seek the spiritual power to resist the ongoing temptations that surround us, even as we stand with others in our community who wrestle day by day for a sense of peace. We acknowledge that it is not simply about us alone, but about a world that wrestles with that which will destroy us all. And so, we declare our commitment to be part of the solution, to be kingdom workers in the world.