This is a hard one, don’t you think? In our increasingly contentious society and world, to consider that a sign of the kin-dom is that the community has the same mind might be a bit of an overreach. Yet here is the call from Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. And we’re still in chapter 1! In fact, this is the first call the Apostle gives us in this letter, so he at least thinks it is important. But let’s not mute the high calling of agreement by saying it is something less than what it is. This isn’t a live and let live approach, or an indication that nothing really matters as long as we’re nice to each other. There is more here. More gospel, more truth, more invitation than we might realize. The gospel indicates that we are not in this alone, that we are made to work this out together; we are meant to be reconciled; we are meant to be in relationship with God and with neighbor. If last week we celebrated our abundance, this week we give thanks for our relationships. We can celebrate the life of the community, in fellowship, in learning together and serving together.