In this Christmas series of sorts, “God of the Dark and the Light,” we have acknowledged the presence of God even in the darkness. On Epiphany, we embrace the light that is the Christ, but not as a denial of the God who dwells in the dark. Instead, it could be an awareness of the journey that continues, sometimes in certainty and sometimes in doubt, sometimes in clarity and sometimes in confusion. We make our declaration, like the prayer says, that when we have everything and when we have nothing, when we are of use and when we are laid aside, we are still committed to God, we are still dedicated to Christ. We follow Christ when we can see him clearly and when we have lost sight of him. Still we follow. let us lift up the name of Jesus today; let us make our pledge and follow his star. Let us be about the one who guides us, who finds us even when we are lost and gives us direction and hope. Let our worship be full of songs of praise of the name of Jesus, and let our prayers be prayers of commitment to follow.