This week will be Hosea part two.  In part one of this stage, we were given the model of love of husband and wife. Now our text brings us the image of the love of children given to our care. This seems like familiar ground, even if we’ve not been parents. Maybe we’ve helped out in the nursery, maybe we have babysat, maybe we’ve just observed. There’s no question that caring for children is hard work. It’s often thankless.

The other obvious point is that this is transformational love. You teach and guide and set boundaries and encourage and support, and more. There are ages and stages in the life of those in our care, and each one has its own struggles. Some find one stage easier than another, but all take effort and perseverance. How can we lift up the task of raising children in our community and church? What can we do to give honor to those who take the risk of loving like this?