Worship is a model of life in the kin-dom of God. What the prophets described, what Mary sang, what the law defines, what Jesus lived before us, is the aim of our worship expression every time we gather. It is our joy to cross the gulf and, by the Spirit’s guidance, build the kingdom. It is a call to holy living. It is an invitation to listen to the prophets and the law and to live as though the kingdom was already among us.

?Today, we sing of the promise; we cling to the hope of the kingdom, the relationships of the kin-dom where we are truly one in the Spirit. We celebrate the hope of who we were created to be, even as we embrace what is within our reach and acknowledge what we need divine help to realize. Let our testimony be of crossing the gulfs that exist between us, of overcoming barriers and differences in order to be one body, one family.