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We are continuing our journey through spiritual practices that can be helpful in tuning our hearts to God’s heart; in aligning our spirits to the One Spirit that matters, the Holy Spirit of God.  This week we talked about the discipline of keeping the Sabbath holy and worshiping weekly.  Even God needed to rest, and so do we, who are made in his image.  This week I hope you will be very intentional about setting aside a day for renewal and restoration; a day for worship and prayer and reading of scripture; a day to celebrate the gifts of family and friends God has given you.

And I hope you will plan to be with us again next week as we gather in the promise that when two or three come together in his name, Christ comes in a very special way to touch hearts and lives with his love.  Psalm 22:3 tells us that God inhabits the praises of his people (New King James Version) or is enthroned upon the praises of his people


(New Revised Standard Version).  That means that when we raise hearts and voices to honor and praise God, God is present in a very special way among us, bringing healing and hope and possibilities we could not imagine.

Spend some time at home worshiping this One who made all things; this One whose glory is so overwhelming that when Moses came into contact with God his face would glow so ferociously that he would have to cover it so as not to scare the people.  Let God know that there is nothing more important than His presence, His love, His guidance.  Remember the things he has done for you and give thanks.

Then when you get here next week, raise a quiet prayer of adoration, thanksgiving, confession, and praise before the service begins.  As we begin to sing,  intentionally allow the songs to touch your heart.  Raise your voice for all you are worth, even if you do not think you sing well.  God who can move mountains can take your voice and make it sound like a nightingale.

Offer him your life.  Offer him your heart.  Trust in his goodness and grace.  You’ll never be the same.  It’s a promise.



Pastor Deborah

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