The Renovation Team in conjunction with the Trustees are taking first steps of the work process as your capital campaign and land sale funds are put to work:

  • A new A/C unit to replace the one which cools the south side of the sanctuary has been ordered and installation will begin as soon as it arrives.
  • Research has begun for a new digital sign for our entrance off Cooper Road.
  • In the near future remodeling will begin on the bathrooms located in the education wing. Plans are being finalized to engineer and reconstruct the narthex, sanctuary bathrooms, and adjacent spaces.
  • A campus walk-though, room by room, will be accomplished in the month of August to assess paint, carpet and repair status.
  • IT is collecting the necessary financial information to rewire the phone, cable, and infrastructure necessary for security upgrades to our campus.
  • Second-floor classroom accessibility options are being researched.
  • Parking lot restoration is scheduled first quarter of 2020, once the last phase of the Town of Gilbert’s lift station upgrade project is complete.
  • For any questions, please email the trustees, call or email the church office (480-892-9166).