Stock Offerings

A Note from the Desert Southwest United Methodist Foundation:

We will continue to make our best efforts to ensure a smooth transfer for donors.  Please follow the instructions for stock transfers.
1. You or your financial advisor MUST provide us with the following:  Security Information: Security Name, Number of Shares, and Symbol/Ticker/Cusip.  Security Delivering Institution Information: Security delivering institution name, contact name, phone, e-mail address.

2.  Provide us with your complete name, address, city, state, and zip code so that we may send you proper IRS documentation for your gift.  In addition, please instruct DSUMF as to any designations of the funds realized after our sale of your gifted securities.

3.  The necessary information numbered on 1. And 2. above may be sent to DSUMF via e-mail( or fax (602-265-1524).  All the preceding information must be received at least three business days before the expected date of the transfer.

4.  Please instruct your financial institution to transfer securities to:

DTC #0443
Pershing, LLC
For credit to account # N7M100129
Client account name: UMC Benefit Board Inc.

5.  Once sold they will further credit DSUMF who will then disburse the funds realized per your designation and send you the documentation for your gift required by the IRS.

If you, as the beneficiary, know in advance your donor’s name and gift, please provide this information to us.  There can never be too much information.