Forgiveness is not……………………….











This week we looked together at some things forgiveness is NOT, which included the following:

  1. Forgiveness is NOT denying our hurt to keep the peace
  2. Forgiveness is NOT accepting inappropriate blame for our own hurt
  3. Forgiveness is NOT just a warm fuzzy feeling toward another person
  4. Forgiveness is NOT a commodity we can purchase through fervent repentance
  5. Forgiveness is NOT the same as excusing the actions that caused our hurt
  6. Forgiveness is NOT forgetting

We also looked at some definitions of forgiveness, all of which held at the center the idea that forgiveness is an intentional, conscious, deliberate choice that we make not to hold what another person has said or done against them, in spite of the hurt that their words or actions has caused in or for us.

But the most important thing we talked about was the availability of God’s forgiveness to anyone who will receive it, regardless of what he or she has been up to. We are rendered able to forgive because we have been so generously forgiven by God who loves us in spite of what we do.
Paul said it so well in Romans 8:1:  “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”  Might you pray this scripture in a very personal way, putting your own name into it to make it real?  Perhaps something like this:How might your life be different if you began to really believe that God’s forgiveness was available even for you, and became willing to receive it deeply? How might you be liberated from past mistakes or mis-judgments if you really could imagine God as a daddy who loves his children, teaches them to walk, bends down and lifts them up to his cheek, and feeds them from his own hand; a daddy whose compassion is kindled and who will not bring judgment but reconciliation and hope and new beginnings? (See Hosea 11:1-9) How might your life change if you could stop looking back with regret at what you have done or failed to do, and began to look forward with hope to all that is possible for you in Christ Jesus?

There is therefore now no condemnation for ______________ (put your own name here), who is in Christ Jesus.

Pray it till you mean it.  It will change your life!

Blessings and Peace

Pastor Deborah

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