Family Promise June 20-27, 2021

Hooray! We get to host families again at FUMCG!!!!! We will need a lot of help to ensure that these dear families are taken care of, so please help in any and all ways that you can. We will need people to help get our rooms ready before they arrive, and to clean up the rooms after they leave and set them back up for Sunday School. We will need overnight hosts and kitchen serving and clean up crews. We will need dinners for every night as well as breakfast and lunch items that will go with the families to the Day Center. As you can see, we need ALOT of help, so please consider where you can help.

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***IMPORTANT NOTE**** If you are bringing lunch or breakfast items, they may be dropped off earlier, but they MUST be dropped off by Sunday so they can go to the Day Center on the van early on Monday morning. Also, Family Promise can ONLY accept food items and quantities on the list. They have very limited storage at the Day Center.

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